Greene Ghost Bierschnaps

Our Greene Ghost Bierschnaps was an inevitable result of acquiring a distillery and is an excellent example of combining the best of both worlds. Greene Ghost, our flagship IPA has lots of hop character as well as a solid malt backbone. Distilling this beer down to its heart creates a singular and elusive spirit that is a wonderful accompaniment to a pint of Ghost or enjoyed in a herbal or citrus cocktail. Think of this spirit as a hybrid of botanical vodka and jenever (a malted-grain based gin) and herbal bitters. Upfront flavors of bright citrus and lemon with herbal and floral rose notes. Mouth feel is creamy and full-bodied with lingering hops through the finish, however hop bitterness is nil as only the floral / citrus characteristics of the hops come through the distilling process.






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Schnaps (European version) is typically presented as an unaged fruit brandy that is strong and dry. In Germany, Schanps are often consumed before, during, and after meals to aid with digestion. They are enjoyed at room temperature in small glasses with the serving drank quickly and all at once.

Schnapps (American version) are fruity, herbal, and infused with sweeten grain alcohol. They are often used in cocktails or served as mixers. They are lower in ABV and are typically sweet.

Bierschnaps as the name might suggest, is more of a European thing. This is an unaged spirit made from distilled beer. You might see it as hop schnaps. Instead of originating from fruit, this comes from beer, which is at least 51-100% malt based.