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(Tea-Yah-Key-Da)Ty Iechyd Da

Our Distillery team takes spirits and puts a distinct and eclectic spin on it. Our history as brewers gives us a truly unconventional perspective that makes our lines different from the standard spirit. We specialize in innovative Small Batch spirits crafted with locally sourced ingredients.

The essence of Ty Iechyd Da is to find humility in the kindred relationships that make life more extraordinary. Every bottle is unique and given extra care with craftsmanship and precision. Every sip is a story and every glass is an opportunity to gather, reminisce, anticipate and revel in life’s most cheers-worthy moments. More than just a drink; Ty Iechyd Da is about honoring our past, present and future connections.
Many hours were spent musing on the creation of our logo. Curious about the meaning behind it? 
Daffodils come and go each Spring, but the spirit of their symbolism of rebirth and new beginnings inspired us (and the daffodil is the national flower of Wales!). The hexagon symbolizes balance and harmony and we think it perfectly represents our marriage of Brewing and Distilling.

Why Wales in the Midwest?

Our distillery founder lived in Wales for several years, and while there fell in love with the Welsh passion for life, experience and friendship. The hope is that as a distillery, Ty Iechyd Da captures that passion for you in every bottle.

“House of Cheers”

Iechyd Da translates to “Cheers” or as the Europeans say “To Your Health”. Ty Iechyd Da translates to “House of Cheers” or “Good Health House”. Spirits are communal. Share our spirits with your “House” of friends and family.

How does one pronounce Ty Iechyd Da?

Looks complicated but it’s really quite simple: Tea-Yah-Key-Da. And when celebrating life’s most cherished moments, don’t forget to call out “Iechyd Da!” (Yah-Key-Da) which translates to “Cheers!”

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