Signature Bourbons

Fine array of elevated bourbons that showcase our passion for
curiosity, character, and craft
Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Maple Syrup Barrels

Our Bourbon Whiskey is perfectly complemented by a sweet, velvety richness earned from a lengthy finish in maple barrels.

Lost Hollow
Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Our Straight Bourbon Whiskey with notes of honey, caramel, and spice.

Bourbon Whiskey finished in Port Barrels

Our Bourbon Whiskey generously second finished in Tawny Port barrels

Bourbon Whiskey finished in Olorosso Sherry Barrels

Our Bourbon Whiskey second finished in Oloroso Sherry Barrels

Songbird Gin

Distinctive botanical forward gins featuring local ingredients and precise craftsmanship.
Each one is unique as a songbird's tune
Songbird Gin
Original Dry

We chose nine botanicals grown around the world for this classic dry gin

Songbird Gin

Gin rested in Sauternes Wine barrels for notes of bright citrus and oak with a slightly sweet finish

Songbird Gin

Old Tom Style Gin aged in mead barrels and finished with local honey

Double Barrel Collection

A variety of spirits that explore the unique flavor layering of second finishing
Double Barrel
Rye Whiskey Finished in PX Sherry Casks

Rye Whiskey delicately aged in Pedro Ximenez (PX) sherry casks. A deep and complex rye whiskey with notes of dark dried fruit, marmalade, tobacco leaves, and spice.

Double Barrel
Rye Whiskey Finished in Stout Barrels

Rye whiskey takes an extraordinary journey as it’s second-finished in freshly dumped Tsarry Night stout barrels. The result is a complex rye whiskey with notes of dark fruit, roasted malt, cocoa, and nougat.

Double Barrel
Rye Whiskey Finished in Rum Barrels

Rye Whiskey patiently aged in whiskey barrels then finished in Rum casks. The nose has lots of rum notes and is fruity with hints of brown sugar and honey over the peppery rye.

Double Barrel
5-Year Rum Finished in Bourbon Barrels

5 year blackstrap molasses rum expertly Double Oaked.
2022 ADI Silver medal winner

*Currently not available. Coming back soon!

Candied Orange

Juicy, tangy, and sweet notes reminiscent of orange slice candy. Brighten up a cocktail with sugar-coated citrus flavor.

Hot Cinnamon

Bold, delicious and fiery notes inspired by the nostalgic red hots candy. Shoot it straight or add a bang to your next cocktail

Butter Brickle

Nostalgic soda parlor inspired treat. Flavors reminiscent of buttery toffee, sweet cream, and smooth vanilla.

Café Mocha

Barista-inspired liqueur with dark, rich, decadent layers of espresso and cocoa. Perfect on it’s own, as part of a coffee drink or boozy concoction.

Oatmeal Cookie

Fresh out of the oven! Rich, decadent, and sweet addition to a White Russian or a warm cocktail creation.

Black Licorice

Bold and unmistakable anise flavored liqueur with rich botanical-like flavor and sweet warmth.

More than just a drink; Iechyd Da is about honoring our past, present and future connections.
Iechyd Da
Blanco Agave

Upfront notes of pepper and spice followed by subtle smoke and finishes bright with a hint of citrus flavor.

Iechyd Da
Reposado Agave

Our distillers rested Iechyd Da Blue Agave spirit in oak barrels for 11 months resulting in a spirit with a soft golden hue and layers of flavor.

Iechyd Da
Añejo Agave

Our distillers rested Iechyd Da Blue Agave spirit in oak barrels for 24 months then finished the spirit in Oloroso Sherry barrels for 3 months

Iechyd Da
Bourbon Whiskey

A great introduction to Bourbon. Upfront caramel with notes of cocoa nibs, honey and dried cherries with a warm and pleasant finish.

Iechyd Da
Whiskey Rye

A beautiful rye fit for any occasion. Rich and sweet on the nose. Notes of toffee, cloves, vanilla and black pepper on the palate.

Iechyd Da
White Rum

Our beloved house rum distilled from sugarcane. Smooth and enjoyable with notes of toasted sugar cubes and baking spices.

Iechyd Da
Premium Vodka

Distilled from the finest grains and expertly filtered for a clean and refreshing taste with an incredible smooth finish. 

Specialty Spirits

Inspired spirits that are uniquely crafted
Greene Ghost Bierschnaps
Specialty spirit distilled from our Greene Ghost IPA

Bright citrus, lemon, herbal and floral rose notes

Oba Pearl Date Brandy
Specialty spirit distilled from local date syrup

Fruity, floral, and sweet notes of dark fruit and toffee

Cellar Series

Our finest top shelf spirits expertly aged and matured in our house cellar. Each bottle in our Cellar Series is hand filled, numbered, and carefully wax dipped.
Cellar Series 15-Year
Bourbon Whiskey

Double oaked straight Bourbon Whiskey expertly aged for 15 years. Pour only exclusively at Springfield Brewing Company. 

Cellar Series
Dark Rum
Blackstrap molasses, copper pot distilled, and aged in Bourbon barrels for 5 years. Pour only exclusively at Springfield Brewing Company. 
Cellar Series
Straight Rye

Our boldest Rye yet. Aged in a single barrel for 4 years and bottled at Cask Strength. Pour only exclusively at Springfield Brewing Company. 

The Storyteller Collection

2021 Collection is SOLD OUT. Stay tuned for the next chapters in the story!
The Storyteller Collection is the finest in the story of bourbon.
This trio is inspired by curiosity, character, and craft.
Sold out! More to come in Fall of 2022.
Chapter 1Lost Hollow
5-Year Straight
Bourbon Whiskey
Signature straight Bourbon Whiskey barrel-oaked for 5 years ready for you to unveil its smooth complex flavors of honey, caramel, and spice.
Chapter 2Hinterland
Bourbon Whiskey Finished
in Maple Syrup Barrels
Signature 5-year straight Bourbon Whiskey that elevates a sweet, velvety richness earned from a lengthy finish in maple barrels.
Chapter 3Caskaway
Bourbon Whiskey Finished
in Rum Barrels
Our 5-year straight Bourbon Whiskey is expertly finished in rum barrels, marrying sweet molasses notes with earthy oak flavors.