Ty Iechyd Da Iechyd Da Well Collection

A great introduction to Bourbon. Upfront caramel with notes of cocoa nibs, honey and dried cherries with a warm and pleasant finish. Drinks great straight or mixes perfectly in your favorite cocktails.

Our beloved house rum distilled from sugarcane. Smooth and enjoyable with notes of toasted sugar cubes and baking spices. Try it in your favorite rum drink today.

A beautiful rye fit for any occasion. Rich and sweet on the nose. Notes of toffee, cloves, vanilla and black pepper on the palate. Enjoy neat or in your favorite cocktail.

Distilled from the finest grains and expertly filtered for a clean and refreshing taste with an incredible smooth finish. Great for taking shots or creating the ultimate mixed drink.

Made with 100% blue agave and full of life and flavor. Upfront notes of pepper and spice followed by subtle smoke and finishes bright with a hint of citrus flavor. Our Blanco Agave Spirit will liven up a scratch margarita or classic paloma cocktail.

Reposado translated to “rested” in Spanish is a delicately barrel aged spirit. Our distillers rested Iechyd Da Blue Agave spirit in oak barrels for 11 months resulting in a spirit with a soft golden hue and layers of flavor. Nose is of fruit, smoke, tobacco, clove and hints butterscotch.

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