Oba Pearl Date Brandy

Oba Pearl Date Brandy is a distinctive spirit distilled from local date syrup which is a luxurious honey-like nectar derived from the fruit of the date palm. Back in the spring of 2020 our brewery / distilling team emptied pallets of this highly viscous syrup into our stainless totes. We then diluted the syrup down to a reasonable sugar content fermented it with yeast used for fermenting fruit wash, and then distilled it down and racked the first spirit into empty bourbon barrels in August of 2020. After three years of resting in barrels this wonderful honey-colored liquid is ready to be released. It’s reminicent of rum and is a fruity, floral spirit with some honey notes and a smooth body, mouthfeel. There are hints of bourbon in the nose and sweet and fruity flavors of dark fruit, toffee, caramel, and vanilla.






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Brandy is a spirit made from fermented fruit. The most common brandies are grape, apple and pear- although any fruit can be transformed into brandy. The unaged spirit coming off the still can be served as an eau-de-vie (water of life) while brandy is more commonly aged. Lots of commercial brandy (blackberry brandy for example) will be sweetened with either sugar or the fruit itself and possibly colored.


  • Cognac a French brandy that tastes spicy, fruity, and bitter, with notes of vanilla and oak.
  • Armagnac a more full-flavored, richer French brandy, with notes of dark caramel, chocolate and burnt orange.
  • Calvados an apple or pear brandy made in France.