Ty Iechyd Da 2021 Signature Collection

The Storyteller Collection is our top tier Bourbon release and is a signature item for any spirits lover! This trio of premium Bourbon is sold exclusively in 375ml bottle set and is inspired by curiosity, character, and craft. The story begins with our 5 year Bourbon Whiskey, which is carefully divided to create three unique bottle in our collection, offering a diversity of complexities and flavors.

The initial release in our Songbird Gin Series will be the Goldfinch, named after it’s hue of light gold. This is the house gin that rested in Sauternes Wine barrels, transforming the flavor into a sophisticated liquid that gin lovers will thoroughly enjoy.

Our 5 year blackstrap molasses rum expertly double oaked (aged in 2 different charred oak casks) providing a rick and rustic backbone that balances well with the sweetness of the rum.

This is a wonderful old world spirit traditionally produced in Italy in conjunction with local wineries. We produced our fine grappa in collaboration with our friends at Lindwedel Winery in Branson, MO, using their locally grown Vidal Blanc grapes.

Express Pick Up Available for
Your Favorite Ty Iechyd Da Spirits!

We are excited to announce we are now offering a Grab n’ Go fast lane express pick-up at our bottle shop in Downtown, located in the heart of Springfield! Grab a bottle favorite Iechyd Da elevated spirits in minutes AND without having to get out of your car!